Flora & Fauna

Rowe Sanctuary is known as the best place to see Sandhill Cranes in March and early April. If you look and listen closely, you might discover a River Otter swimming along the river bank, a group of Northern Bobwhites scuttling through the prairie, the rare Nodding Ladys' Tresses Orchid, or an Eastern Screech Owl peaking from a cavity in a tall Cottonwood, and realize that the crane migration is just the beginning of what a person can see along the Platte. 

The wildlife present on the Sanctuary depends on the time of year that you visit. Just before cranes arrive in March, millions of waterfowl migrate through the Platte River Valley. Unbelievable numbers of snow geese are joined by Canada Geese, Greater White-fronted Geese, Mallards and Northern Pintail in late February into early March. April signals the start of the shorebird migration, and in May we look forward to the arrival of grassland birds on our prairies. For more information about birds you can observe at Rowe Sanctuary, click here.

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