Crane Season

Photo Policy

Cameras and other recording devices are welcome in our viewing blinds, provided they do not place the cranes at risk or detract from the experience for others.  Below are rules/guidelines for photography and recording in the general viewing blinds:

  • Rowe Sanctuary reserves the right to ban use of any device determined to be a nuisance.
  • The use of cameras and any other recording devices in the viewing blinds is allowed ONLY when there is enough light to prevent disturbance to cranes. Illumination from LCD screens in darkness will spook cranes roosting on the river and diminish the viewing experience for all visitors. Otherwise, all cameras and recording devices must be stored during the tour.
  • Tablets (Ipads, etc.) are not allowed.
  • No flash allowed.
  • Continuous mode or rapid fire photography is not permitted.
  • Tripods are not to be brought in the viewing blinds because of space limitations and tripping hazards. Monopods are allowed (tripods CANNOT be used as a monopod).
  • Nothing can extend outside the blind windows (camera lenses, binoculars, hands, faces, etc.)
  • Camera phones must be set on Airplane Mode and silent while on the tour.

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