Discovery Packs

Explore and hone your nature skills with our Discovery Packs!

Specially designed Discovery Packs are now available to help visitors have a richer outdoor experience on the prairie trails. These backpacks are available for checkout and each contains an activity guide, an assortment of tools, and a different theme to help guide visitors around the prairie through different sets of “eyes.” The six themes are Prairie Through the Eyes of a(n):

  • Artist
  • Bird Watcher
  • Botanist
  • Burrowing Animal
  • Writer
  • Crane Watcher

The packs contain such items as magnifying lenses, binoculars, journals with pencils and crayons, and lots of ideas on how to change your viewpoint, perhaps to that of a badger, or a poet.

There is no charge for using the packs; people will be asked to fill out a checklist and leave a driver’s license or other form of ID as a deposit. By filling out the checklist, the visitor agrees to pay for the replacement of any item that is lost or broken through misuse or negligence.

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