Photo Blinds

For the serious nature photographer or enthusiast, overnight photo blinds are set up near major crane roosts on the river. Photography opportunities should be excellent for both still or video cameras. Blinds are available for $200 per night (plus tax) from March 20th through April 11th, with a maximum capacity of two people. Because of the close proximity of the cranes, you are not allowed to leave the blind until a staff person or volunteer comes to get you the following morning. The safety of the cranes is our highest priority, so the rules are enforced.  Each blind has a porta-potty. You are responsible for bringing the proper equipment to stay warm overnight.

We recommend:

  • 2 sleeping bags per person
  • foam or insulated pads
  • Extra clothing
  • Warm drinks and food

For additional information click here or call 308-468-5282.

Reservations can be made starting at 9 a.m. CST, Friday, January 2, 2015. Space is limited and the blinds fill fast, so make your reservations early!


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