Photo: Xiao-Dong Wang


Cranes of Rowe Sanctuary 2016 Photo Contest

Below are the winners from Rowe Sanctuary's first photo contest.

During the 2016 spring migration of Sandhill Cranes, Rowe Sanctuary held its first photo contest.  Images from the contest are to be displayed in a 2017 calendar that will be available for purchase in our gift shop and online store.  Entries came from visitors who spent time in one of our viewing or photography blinds, with the winner getting their image on the cover of the calendar and a free stay in one of our overnight photo blinds.

It was a difficult task for the judges to whittle the number down to 13 for the calendar, but they did it and those images are below for your enjoyment.

As mentioned, this is our first photo contest, but we are planning on making this an annual competition.  Stay tuned for information on our 2017 contest.

The first image below is the overall winning image that is on the cover of the calendar.  The rest of the images are displayed in the order that they will be featured in the calendar.  Thank you to all who participated in the contest and congratulations to the lucky winners!

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Winning Photo for the 2017 Calendar Cover - Xiao-Dong Wang

Photo: Xiao-Dong Wang

Xiao-Dong Wang, Saint Louis Missouri, Xiao-Dong has been photographer for four decades.

Photo: Stu Moebus

Stu Moebus, Hartland Wisconsin, “Stu’s first experience with the Sandhill Cranes were on a road trip in 2014.  “I enjoy looking for those “one-of-a-kind” picture opportunities, and thought that those flocks of cranes would provide an excellent opportunity.

Photo: Larry Middendorf

Larry Middendorf, Lincoln Nebraska, “Since we heard about the cranes about 20 years ago we have come out nearly every year to see them.”

Photo: Tom Shield

Tom Shield, Kearney Nebraska, As a local, Tom have been aware of the Sandhill cranes for years and as a photographer Tom couldn’t miss the opportunity.

Photo: Lynn D. Cornell

Lynn D.Cornell, Rochester Minnesota “ As a pathologist I take many pictures through my microscope, in the  last year I bought my first camera and have been enjoying learning how to use it to document the beauty of the outdoors.”

Photo: John Neukirch

John Neukirch, Lincoln Nebraska, “I’ve been an avid birder for some time now and have been coming to the blinds at Rowe for several years. Once I experienced the Sandhill Crane migration they continue to draw me back.”

Photo: Jun Zuo

Jun Zuo, Olathe Kansas, “Jun has loved photography since a child. “ In 2008 I got my first DSLR and haven’t stopped shooting since.”

Photo: Rachael Hachenberg

Rachael Hachenberg, Chicago Illinois, “I first came to Rowe Sanctuary with my father and am looking forward to many more trips in the years to come.”

Photo: Anna Fellegy

Anna Fellegy, Cloquet Minnesota Anna has been photographing all her life but recently she took a renewed interest. She says “I was reminded of how much I had loved photography and how it had been a source of solace during youth. I “re-began” photography in 2013. Once again, I found solace in it, but also now as an adult, it has become a source of insight into all that is before me.”

Photo: Tom Shield

Tom Shield, Kearney Nebraska, As a local, Tom have been aware of the Sandhill cranes for years and as a photographer Tom couldn’t miss the opportunity.

Photo: Forrest Van Gundy

Forrest Van Gundy, Pleasant Lake Indiana,  Forrest is a retired clergy and finds great joy in making images both close to home and far away. “I hope by images reflect something of the beauty and wonder of the world around us.”

Photo: Britton Bailey

Britton Bailey, Lincoln Nebraska, “I started annually reserving the overnight photo blind for my daughter and I to practice our nature photography and to watch in awe the magnificent Sandhill Cranes. From the evening return flights to roost on the Platte, to the overnight calling and their often sudden morning departure to feed in Nebraska farms fields, the fascination never ends.”

Photo: James P. Walker

James P. Walker, Parker Colorado,I’m in the business of fun(that means retired), so of course, seeing the Sandhill Crane Migration at Rowe Sanctuary was an important stop.”

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