Iain Nicolson Audubon Center

So......you say it's made of straw?

Straw - Rowe Santuary

The Iain Nicolson Audubon Center, set along the beautiful Platte River, is the second largest straw bale constructed building in the United States. This education/visitor center not only provides office space for the staff, but also has a classroom/conference room, educational displays, a viewing area of the river and much more. This multi-purpose building is available for rent for business meetings or special events. For more information, click here.

Green Aspects of the Iain Nicolson Audubon Center


Blue Jean Insulation

  • Jean material insulation
  • Straw bale insulation 
  • Foam insulation made from waste product left over from processing gasoline
  • High efficiency, operable windows
  • Closed loop geo-thermal heating and cooling system


  • Solar tube, skylights
  • Fluorescent lights

Reclaimed products 

Building the Iain Nicolson Audubon Center

  • Local cedar used as posts
  • 3x14 beams from old warehouse used in Great Hall
  • Recycled carpet


  • Sustainable harvested wood used where possible
  • Low flow toilets
  • Using low VOC paint
  • Buying locally whenever possible
  • Compost and recycling throughout area
  • Using an already disturbed site for building
  • Restoring land and xeriscaping
  • Permeable parking lots
  • Limited concrete used outside
  • Limited outdoor lighting
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